Autumn Competition

Digital Images
1st, Alex Nicol, with "Pink and Blue"
2nd, Alex Nicol, with "The Old Farm".
3rd, Michael Doherty, with "Lady Rock Light Housel".
1st, Alex Nicol, with "Walking in Glencoe"
2nd, Alex Nicol, with "Robin".
3rd, Alex Nicol, with "Waterfall".

Winter Competition

Digital Images
1st, Tied between Michael Doherty, with "Hoverfly"
and Jim Clark, with "Coming Down the Line".
2nd, Sid O'Neill, with," On the lookout".
3rd, Sid O'Neill, with, "In Flight".
1st, Dougie Gallacher, with "Loch Mooring".
2nd, Jim Pyke, with," For the High Jump".
3rd, Tied between Alex Nicol with," Hillwalkers",
and Jim Clark with, "Early Morning Flight".

Spring Competition

Digital Images
1st, Alex Nicol with, "Butterfly".
2nd, Jim Pyke with, "Watch Out Sea Gull"
3rd, Jim Clark with, Awaiting Collection".

1st, Alex Nicol with, "Blue Eyed Girl".
2nd, Greg Cockrell with, Avenger".
3rd, Greg Cockrell with "Strelitzia" and "Grafitti House".
Commended, Dougie Gallacher with, "A Colourful Staircase".

Annual Competition

Prints (Advanced)
1st, Alex Nicol with, "Walking in Glencoe".
2nd, Alex Nicol with, "Waterfall".
3rd, Dougie Gallacher with, "Loch Mooring".

Prints (Non-Advanced)
1st, Greg Cockrell with "Baby Rhino".
2nd, Jim Pyke with "One Careful Owner".
3rd, Jean McClive with "Lismore Lighthouse".

Digital Images (Advanced)
1st, Alex Nicol with, "The Old Farm".
2nd, Dougie Gallacher with, "The Kelpies".
3rd, Alex Nicol with, "Pink and Blue".

Digital Images (Non-Advanced)
1st, Jim Clark with, "Rotunda Reflections".
2nd, Mary Devine with, "A Pool with a View".
3rd, Gary Watson with, "Green Glasgow".